After first tuning session

Some things and problems:

Clutch. Most likely at some time in the past I’ve tried to adjust the master cylinder rod behind the pedal and messed everything. The clutch hydraulics work very well now I’ve rebuilt the pipe from master cylinder to slave, but the disengagement point is at the very top.

Oil pan. It leaks. I should have RTV’d it against the crank girdle, but decided to use a gasket. The gasket doesnt seal – even if I tighten the oil pan screws to absolute maximum.

Intercooler heat exchanger needs to be bigger and somewhere else + the car needs a oil cooler.

Oil catch can – the car needs one. I routed the breather hose from the engine to the top of the gearbox which lead me to wonder if I had a broken rear seal. Widric, who first found oil dripping on the floor initially thought that the oil was coming from the gearbox.

Everything else worked surprisingly well – even the fuel tank cap which I had to “borrow” from friends Toyota Dyna. I’ve misplaced the original cap.

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