Wiring continues – some wins

This is the trunk connector, I already forgot what this was called. It definetly isnt the M2, that resides in the engine bay

Some new parts – this is a intake air temperature sensor, which turned out to be too short.

Crank angle position sensor wired

Had an idea to slightly drill one of the holes on the stock intake bigger to fit the intake temp sensor. In the end, there wasnt enough material to tap the thread and I had to find a different solution

Nuke filter and radium damper 😀

Someone was selling a E153 gearbox from a JDM import SW20 – I had to go and buy it. The guy selling the gearbox told me that this was the only bit of that SW20 still in sale – he had sold everything else, including the twin plate clutch.

Well, japanese dont just swap in a clutch and leave the gearbox untouched. When I got back, I peeked inside through speed sensor hole and woooo-hooo! A Kaaz LSD inside! 😀 picture below is just from the drive shaft side.

More wiring:

ECU powers up from stock wiring loom!

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Why did you choose that fuel filter and damper? Also have you or for see any issues with the angle of the turbo drain? Really considering that MRP manifold.