Cam angle sensor and water pump problems

The problem with the cam angle sensor was easy. I didnt have one and I had to make a very straightforward installation for it

Hole in the cam cover for the sensor

And a small neodynium magnet into intake side cam gear. I needed a single blip from the cam wheel before TDC and that was enough.

Water pump problem was bit more serious. My fix was as bad as with the cam angle sensor.

I found out that there was a coolant leak, but couldnt see where it was coming from. When I finally removed the water pump, I found out it was the block side seal.

I did have two separate leaks. In the photo above, there is some brown residue in the block side coolant passage. Thats Permatex aviation gasket maker which didnt work at all. It was washed off with the coolant and I was so pissed it RTV’d the hell out of the waterpump. I guess it needs some power tools to remove it now.

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