Fuel tank

Fuel tank needed attention.

I was full of this… this… what ever this is but it is not rust

There was a manufacturing date on top of the fuel tank 62.9.26 which is 26th of september Showa 62 or 26th sep 1987

Cleaning and cleaning

Old fuel pump

Remember this? This is the line from fuel pump that I though was something inch-sized. Well I made a huge mistake. It was M14 x 1.5 and the AN adapter was easy to find.

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Hey, I have a few questions 1. What size AN did you use for the fuel line (I know from above you said it’s M14 x 1.5 on one end) and.. 2. What size Banjo fitting? – planning to do this as well while my engine is out. 3. Did you also convert the other smaller (fuel) lines into AN fittings or left those alone and used rubber hose (like stock)? 4. Last one 🙂 what axles did you use with the E153 LSD trans to work with your 4age 16v? I’m trying hard to source an E153 for my… Read more »