27th of May 2012 – The JDM A/T wire colors are correct – checked them from my harness.

22-03-2015 EDIT: control wires for A/T gearbox (L1,L2,L3) might have been in different order. I made a error at some point

Kuvakaappaus 2012-05-27 14_25_27

10P connector:

E01 Ground (Engine ground Power)
RSC Idle speed control – closing coil
STA Engine cranking signal (starter switch) – circuit opening relay
EGR Exhaust gas recirculation vacuum switching valve
NSW Neutral start switch
E02 Ground (Engine ground Power)
RSO Idle speed control – opening coil
IGT Ignition timing – ignitor primary trigger
E1 Engine Ground
SMC SC Magnetic Clutch


#10 Fuel injectors 3 and 4
#20 Fuel injectors 1 and 2
G1 Camshaft position
G2 Camshaft position
NE Crankshaft position and engine rpm
VSV3 Supercharger bypass valve
IGF IGF Signal – ignition confirmation signal generation unit – The IGF signal is used by the ECM to determine if the ignition system is working. Based on IGF, the ECM will keep power supplied to the fuel pump and injectors on most ignition systems.
THW Engine coolant – Thermistor Water
VF Check connector – oxygen sensor feedback voltage
T Check connector
VTA Throttle position
IDL Throttle position switch
FPU Fuel pressure up VSV
OX Oxygen sensor – lambda
E2 Sensor ground


R/P Regular/Premium switch
VSV2 Supercharger air bleed (closed when SC working)
L1 A/T Transmission
L2 A/T Transmission
TIL Turbo indicator light – Supercharger as well?
SPD Speed signal
ELS1 Warning light (?)
THA Intake air temp – Thermistor Air
VS MAF vane type
VC Voltage control
BATT Battery power – always hot
ELS2 idle up diode
E22 Sensor ground
L3 A/T Transmission
ECT A/T Transmission
A/C A/C amplifier
W Warning light – check engine
EGW Warnign light – exhaust temp
KNK Knock sensor
THG EGR Temperature – Thermistor
B+ Battery power from EFI relay
B1+ Battery power from EFI relay

Edit 1.1.2019: Ecu connectors, both male and female. Pulse lock.

  • Ecu connector is AMP 1-172319-7
  • 10p connector is AMP 172315-7
  • 18p connector is AMP 172316-7
  • 24p connector is AMP 172317-7


  • Single gold plated large pin (20-16 AWG) is 172771-2
  • Single gold plated small pin (22-20 AWG) is 172772-2
  • Strip of tin plated small pins 170352-1
  • Strip of gold plated small pins 170352-2
  • Strip of tin plated large pins 170353-1
  • Strip of gold plated large pins 170353-2 (not confirmed)

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Hey man, just discovered your site, I also have a 4A-GZE converted to turbo, but in a… Yaris 😀 I’m currently cleaning it all up and will re-do the electronics with a standalone ECU, so I think I can learn a lot of things from you 😀

Anyway if you wanna know about my crazy machine: