4A-G headgaskets

Some of the headgaskets available, both 16V and 20V. Cometic hgs are available in every color of the rainbow and I didnt list them all.

Edit: added Toda. I didnt know they had HGs 🙂

Edit 2: the information below can be outdated or wrong.


Toyota 11115-16070 ?? 1.2mm (original)

Supertech HG-T4GE-83-1T 83mm 1mm 
Supertech HG-T4GE-83-1.3T 83mm 1.3mm

Je gasket TY1001-039 81mm 1mm

HKS Stopper 2302-RT001 82mm 0.6mm
HKS Stopper 2302-RT002 82mm 1mm
HKS Stopper 2302-RT003 82mm 2mm

HKS Bead 2301-RT008 82mm 0.7mm
HKS Bead 2301-RT009 82mm 1mm
HKS Bead 2301-RT024 82mm 1.6mm
HKS Bead 2301-RT010 82mm 2.0mm

TRD 11115-AE814 82.5mm 0.8mm metal
TRD 11115-AE802 82.5mm 1.1mm carbon
TRD 11115-AE824 82.5mm 0.5mm metal

Cometic C4166-040 83mm 1mm MLS
Cometic C4166-045 83mm 1.14mm MLS
Cometic C4166-051 83mm 1.3mm MLS
Cometic C4166-080 83mm 2mm MLS
Cometic C4166-120 83mm 3mm MLS <-seriously?

Cometic C4170-040 81mm 1mm MLS
Cometic C4170-045 81mm 1.14mm MLS
Cometic C4170-051 81mm 1.3mm MLS
Cometic C4170-080 81mm 2mm MLS
Cometic C4170-120 81mm 3mm MLS <-seriously? 

Power Enterp … 82.5mm 0.7mm bead

Toda 12251-4AG-006 82.5mm 0.6mm stopper
Toda 12251-4AG-008 82.5mm 0.8mm stopper 
Toda 12251-4AG-010 82.5mm 1.0mm stopper 

TRD 11115-ae001 82.5mm 0.8mm

Cometic H1090SP3040S 81.5mm 1mm ??

Cometic C4605-040 83mm 1mm 
Cometic C4605-051 83mm 1.3mm 
Cometic C4605-060 83mm 1.5mm

Cometic C4604-040 81mm 1mm 
Cometic C4604-051 81mm 1.3mm

HKS Stopper 2301-RT038 82.5mm 0.6mm

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