ABV valve and plumbing it to stay closed

I just tested the ABV mod (drove around for a while) where the original control hose is plugged and the ABV is connected directly to inlet vacuum nipple.

Well, something didnt work. I did get boost, but it was the usual 8.x psi or 0.6 bar. Fuck.

I was expecting at least somewhere around 0.7-0.85 bar, which should be in line with the bigger crank wheel. Well, time to look for other mods. Or fix the ABV – is it possible that it gets stuck?

There still was a difference: This was the first time ever I could hear the supercharger whine. I’ve always been baffled of those youtube videos where supercharger is very noisy, when mine is absolutely silent. This has lead me to wonder if those people have ever checked the oil level inside the SC. I have no idea what would happen if someone ran the SC without oil – probably not the best choice.

Dry gears making small metal shavings inside the SC gearbox which in the end go through the vent hose – originally meant for the oil drops – and ending inside the engine, somewhere. Not nice.

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