Examining the fuel line – part 2

Finally! Some adapters for the fuel line!

Ok, admittably, it is bit irrelevant to be upset about the fuel line at this point. Still, I got some fails and some wins today.

The adapters that I got – from left to right:

Indigo blue aluminum 1/4″ BSP to AN6 adapter – the first fail. It is exactly as it should be but the cone where the flare should seal itself is not convex, it is concave.

The other kind of blue aluminium adapter is size adapter, from AN4 to AN6. It is actually perfectly fine but the fail lies in the bore diameter. It is less than 5mm.

Yellow zinc steel adapter, from 1/4″ BSP to AN4. Also fail. The bore is 4.5mm which is unacceptable, I wont go below 5mm in any situation. It should mate with the previous AN4-AN6 -adapter,but the combined 4.5mm bore diameter just sucks. The steel BSP adapter looks like it could be bored, but that feels bit shady.

The only win for today is that my thread identification might be wrong. The original hardline to fuel filter bit doesnt have a 1/4″ BSPP thread, it is something called Japan Industry Standard (JIS) thread. It just happens to be exactly like BSPP but there is some fiddling with the sealing cone.

Good thing that japanese didnt try to reinvent the whole wheel. They have a JIS screwdriver that looks very much like PH2 screwdriver but it is incompatible and if used with wrong tool, it will fuck up the screw. Now, there is also this JIS pipe/hose/whatever thread. Exactly like BSPP but the sealing cone is different or reversed. Wont seal if JIS is mated to BSPP. Unbeliveable stuff but still ah so fantastic figuring this shit out ­čśÇ

I found some sealing adapters online that could work. They’re cone adapters that come between pipe flare and concave BSPP bit.

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