Installing cam followers

While inspecting and cleaning the buckets, I noticed the shims were not symmetrical. Green arrow side had a bit more chamfer than red side. I pushed the shims in green arrow side first, somehow it felt better.

I’ve marked the shim sizes to the cylinderhead. On the intake side, fourth from the right hasnt yet been marked. I need a 0.05mm thinner shim for that one.

I did have a bit of strategy here. I ordered total of 20 shims. 16 of them were based on my results and 4 were based on the fact that I didnt trust my results.

That actually worked, I needed to swap two of the shims to get the proper gaps.

Exhaust side is ready, looking good.

Closeup of the cam lobe pressing a bucket

Seems that I have to bolt the head to block before I put the camshafts in. Distributor gear is blocking access to the first bolt counting from timing belt side.

Also, two new camshaft bolts to bolt the timing belt gears, two position pins for the said gears (useless because the camshafts already had those), one crank bolt and aluminum gaskets for the cylinder head

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