Non- and critical things missing (Part 8)

Critical things missing – copied from earlier post
  • Cam followers (1SZ-FE solids or Supertech CF-28/3.65)
  • Wiring loom (the stock wiring of the maxxecu is very long – not sure if anything serious needs to be done)
  • Oil filter relocation hoses and misc bits
  • Oil filter relocation other end (I might reuse the old mocal I have)
  • TPS sensor (Possibly toyota stock)
  • TPS sensor connector (Whatever toyota stock uses)
  • Fuel system hoses, ethanol compatible (One or two missing)
  • 8mm (5/16″) fuel hard line to AN6 fitting
  • Turbo oil line and drain
  • Turbo coolant line and drain
Non-critical things missing
  • New plugs (maybe, I got iridiums both on my current and spare engine)
  • Clutch plate (maybe, no idea about the current condition)
  • Cam gears (maybe later and maybe toda. HKS Camshafts work with stock ones)
  • Rear motor mount + damping?
  • Shift lever bushing? (what was this?)
  • Titanium axle bolts 🙂
  • Silicone coolant hose kit
  • Engine bay coolant bleeder screw
  • Flex fuel sensor (when the time comes)
  • Hydraulic throwout bearing (MRP)
Stuff that needs to be done
  • Cleaning block (in progress)
Done list
  • Fuel system bits and misc (plenty of AN6 adapters and ORBs)
  • Oil filter relocation take off plate (Canton Racing CM 22-595)
  • Intercooler (custom A2W from Plazmaman)
  • Adapter for Pivot fuel pressure dash gauge, decided to go for M8x1 to 1/8″ NPT adapter, this replaces the 5th injector banjo hose on fuel rail. Perfect!
  • Fuel pressure gauge (Radium)
  • Radium fuel pressure regulator (E85 compatible)
  • Radium fuel pressure damper (E85 compatible)
  • CAN Bus wires for the ecu 
  • Intake + throttle body
    • Plan A – custom intake is being made (Waiting)
    • Plan B – Techno Toy Tuning adapter ordered for smallport intake (Done!)
  • Trigger wheel
    • Plan A – ordered from Techno Toy Tuning (Done!)
    • Plan B – next door Toyota guy makes one (Waiting still but yeah)
  • New pulleys (ordered from TTT, arrived, done!)
  • Coatings for pistons, turbo and exhaust manifold (Done!)
  • Cleaning cylinder head (Done! Found out that Aluminum boat cleaner works well (Oxalic acid))
  • Injectors + connectors (Done! EV14 714cc with ethanol compability)
  • Ethanol compatible fuel pump (Done! AEM)
  • Cam covers (Done! But doing then better this time)
  • Crank bearings (Done! Friction reducing coating)
  • Conrod bearings (Done! Friction reducing coating)
  • Exhaust and downpipe (Done!)
  • Head gasket (Done, Cometic)
  • New pistons (Done, Matrix Garage/Arias/Traum pistons)
  • Gear shifter that small bearing that is at the side of the shifter (Done! Matrix Garage)
  • Gear shifter bearings (Done! Matrix Garage)
  • Shift base bushings (Done! Matrix Garage)
  • 2-component silver paint for the epoxy painted parts (Done, tried new type of 2K paint)
  • Fuel pressure regulator (Done, found the missing parts 😀 – actually got a new one from Radium)
  • Crank wheel/harmonic balancer (Done, I found a aluminium one from my stash)
  • Rear tie rods (Done, Matrix Garage + installed)
  • CLT sensor (Done! Bought a stock Toyota one. Thread is M12 x 1.5 – maxxecu suggest using a bosch CLT)
  • New rear bearings (ordered 7.7.2018)
  • Crank angle sensor bracket (D4A, 9.7.2018)
  • IAT sensor
  • IAT sensor connector
  • CLT sensor connector
  • Crank angle sensor
  • Crank angle sensor connector (well, technically no)
  • That special little adapter which goes to the fuel tank hardline end (working on this, ordered a stock fuel line to check this) – It’s BSP(P) 1/4″ -19
  • Idle air valve (uncertain)
  • Turbo hardware kit (uncertain)
  • Aluminium radiator
  • Knock sensor system (plex or that other one…)
  • Engine oil cooler (laminova or something else)

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