Oil return line done “properly”

And by “properly” I mean it looks good but it is made using chinese auto dressing and fashion parts. ­čśë

Here is the small bit of hose needed:

It seems to be bit too long. Also you can see the turbo coolant lines made using Aeroflow AN fittings

Definetly too long. The hose is twisted and it pushes the turbo to a weird angle. I later redid the return line, shortened it about 15mm.

Just measuring what size insulation hose I need for the return line.

Some things I found with the chinese fittings:

The hose ends didn’t have uniform anodizing as both had different colors, though it doesn’t show that well in the photos.

While tightening the nut, the threads felt unfinished and jagged which made me feel uneasy to tighten them. When I later redid the hose, I had to slightly file the threads to fix them.

Lastly, the braid on top of the hose was wowen in some kind of medieval pattern. It just didn’t want to keep its shape and tried constantly escape the nut. This was just miserable.

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