Rear brake upgrade

Finally finally finally I managed to start the rear brake upgrade! I haven’t checked the box lately, but it’s been so long since I got the brake stuff that I think the box contains just a round pile of rust.

Got the passenger side brake caliper out of the car and traditionally splashed the cursed brake fluid everywhere. Why it is with the brake fluid every time, why not water or something easier to clean?

While taking off the caliper, I did something and my arm got pinched between caliper and the heat shield. I was stuck there for 20 seconds and couldnt get my arm off. Was kinda freaky to look how blood was dripping on the floor knowing that I’m stuck there. I even started to consider that I should just rip my arm off not caring of the damage. Luckily, I twisted the caliper somehow and freed myself. This is going to leave a scar ­čÖé

I already have two rear calipers from the spare engine cleaned on the workdesk. Today I got the first braided hose attached to the brake line. Also, I got two brand new pistons together with the e-brake stuff.

Couldn’t take any pictures, because I was up to my elbows in brake fluid.

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