Ronal ACT SC Wheels

Found a set of Ronal ACT SC 15×7″ +38 wheels from northern Spain, Basque country. Bought them and got em here.

Condition was fantastic! Had to test fit them immediately.



And just seconds after this photo wanted to have wider rear wheels 🙂

Took the wheels apart. This was really hard. Previous owner had pretty much used sealant everywhere and I managed to get only the lip side off. Had to resort to friends and acquitances to actually split the parts.


What the hell?! Titanium hardware!


…and this is how they look now:

aw11 mr2 act ronal sc

Powdercoated in gold with huge layer of protective lacquer.

Compared to the SSR’s: (Dont worry, the floor is very clean and smooth)


Still waiting for the wider rear lips, they ended up being custom made in germany. That is what you get when you have +20-year old wheels that are freakishly rare. 🙂

Original lips are 0.5″ wide, but the rears will get a 1.5″ wide. Nothing spectacular but I’m not after stance, just wanting to get a nice drivers car 🙂

The wider lip for the rear is going to widen the wheel up to 15×8″ and +26 offset and will end up with 15″ x 7″ +38 fronts and 15″ x 8″ +26 rears. To slightly correct the offset and wideness fronts will get a 10mm spacer, maybe a H&R Trak+. For tires, front will be Toyo T1R 195/50 and rear 215/45. I can also use Toyo R1R in 195/50 and 225/45 if needed.

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