Camshafts, bearings and intake

Here are the camshafts. Coatings for more slippery 🙂

Sadly, at the moment they’re the only engine bits I have. Rest of the stuff is at Martelius’

The bearings thing.

I spoke with a friend about conrods in general and also about symmetrical conrods, when I realized what the “always turn the engine to normal rotation direction” means. I’ve thought it had something to do with piston rings but oh boy was I wrong. It’s about bearings.

See the little notch there? The bearings should have a tang that goes into that notch. If the engine is turned “backwards”, the bearings could dislocate and jump off the notch, maybe resulting spun bearings.

Fuck I’m an idiot! I havent ever realized this before 😀

Second peek to the intake! Still much to do.