Welcome to Twin Peaks

Going to black lodge to get my spares!

Success! Found some useful stuff:

Shiny alternator, old plug wires, complete wiring loom with relays and a used distributor cap. Carbon canister for some reason came with, no idea why it stuck to my hand.

Tried to peek whats going on with the burned alt. It still smells funny.

Not sure anymore what caused the fire, there doesnt seem to be enough oil to sustain anything else than occassional puff of blue smoke. Probably 30-year old alternator just has had it.

I recently got some comments about the crank binding with the ARP studs and nuts. There might be a different cause for the crank getting stuck what I thought and I want to examine it with care, but right now swapping the alternator and checking the wiring and relays have higher priority. I wanted to have the yearly roadworthiness inspection done, but now the car isnt even remotely safe.

Edit: Well, it is mechanically safe but electric parts seem to catch fire randomly ­čśÇ