The clutch line and the weird sound

Still haven’t found the source for that weird sound. Sounds like something is really vibrating and it stops every time the revs go under 2800rpm. Wonder what it is.

Heh. I forgot to post the clutch line diagrams. Here is the worst case scenario, how I imagined it would be if I everything was against me:


…and how it turned out:


The 6mm CuNi tube in the beginning of the line is the only good part from the 6mm tubing experiment.

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Regarding this weird sound, remember dear friend that these parts are designed to perform and to be slightly more streetish than HC performance parts of the same manufacturer. They are more noisier than your OEM parts, no doubt about that. Remeber: there is metal against metal, hard carbon parts against metal, floating metal parts that rattle etc. Engine is pulsating machine. Listen to some real race cars and how they sound like. I really believe you have nothing to worry about. As long as the sound stays constant, it is stable situation.