Coolant pipes, camshaft, baffle plate and valve covers

Coolant pipes are going to be a beautiful mess 🙂

Relocating the alternator to the intake side means that I need a different kind of coolant neck for cylinder head which in turn means I have to use a different kind of bypass pipe. Luckily, I have a bunch of them to choose from.

One camshaft installed with proper lifter gaps. There is some sealant under the first camshaft cap – this for some reason has been echoed around the forums that “dont forget to put some sealant under the first cap”

Baffle plate installed – bolts to hold it down while it dries

Didnt feel like going upstairs to turn on the computer and check the tightening torque for the oil neck bolts so I left a note for myself for the next time.

Edit 18.2.2019 – the torque for oil strainer (or neck or whatever it is called) is 9.3Nm. I’ll use 10Nm because thats the lowest my good tool will go 😀

The powder coating I had on the valve covers didnt work out. I was trying to paint the letters on the covers with different colors, but it ended up badly. Solvents in the paints reacted with the powdercoat and result was bad.

I think these wouldnt look that bad when polished…

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