Gearbox is making weird noises – 3



I got the car together again 🙂 Thanks Maladar!

In the first picture, I’m running the car on fourth and it sounds ok. Even Maladar noted that the sound was ok. In the second picture, I marked the replaced ECU water temp sensor with a red arrow.

I drove around for about a hour and the weird sound was still there. It sounds like something resonating, but when I opened both windows, I couldn’t say where it was coming from.

I heard two different kind of resonating sounds from exhaust, but this was much stronger. The sound is coming on around 3500 rpms on third, fourth and fifth and only when I lift the gas pedal. No idea what it could be. Gear changes are smooth, the gearbox generally just works and doesn’t do anything weird.

I drove eights and circles to break in the LSD but that didn’t help. I didn’t even notice if the LSD was working. 🙂

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