Other Matrix Garage stuff and the exhaust

Some parts from Matrix garage. Gearbox cable end bearings top left, shifter base stuff and the side bearing for the shifter. Also, two rear tie rods, they look awesome.

With this sceptre I shall rule my garage!

The exhaust tip. I was informed that the tip was 100mm dia, but I think it is more likely 90mm. No biggie. Its still huge 😀

This is how it looks. Bendy bit, catalytic converter, silencer and the tip. Ballsy noise expected.

Some details along the way

Ok, this thing had bothered me some time. One of the intake pipes had been spraying oily mist around the engine bay. Being lazy, this took me some time to fix.

There is a second problem too. Every time I floor the car for a longer time, the whole car smells like belts were slipping, but it goes away pretty quick. No idea what that is.

Meh. A mess and I spent a whole day cleaning and sweeping.

First peek into my custom intake plenum! Parts are from a different prototype, but they were good to get some needed measures.

Pile of bits and parts. Trying to keep everything in order.

Widric the dwarf viking came to garage to check some wheel options.

His stock 16″ wheels from the older Impreza didnt fit over the 4/2 brakes, so we tested the Advan Sienas as well.

Advans were spot on. Except the bolt pattern.

Widric has a set of 5×100 -> 5×114.3 spacers, but alas, the wheel poked out too much. You can see the frustration on his face 😀

Broken silencer

I’ve had a strange squeaking sound coming from the rear of the car for a while now. Found out that it was a broken silencer hanger.

I havent had time to learn welding and I had a slightly tight schedule pressing on, but luckily I had the second similar silencer (the beaten one that came with the spare engine/gearbox) next to the car. Funny thing – I just cleaned the second silencer – didnt know that I would end up swapping it 😀

The change didnt take that much time and I next day I drove about 200km with MR2, without that annoying squeaky sound 🙂


Doesnt show up very well but there is a hairline crack at the base of the hanger, going somewhat vertically next to weld.