Messing with shifter

Unacceptable – rust, crap and old grease everywhere.

Matrix garage shifter kit to the rescue! Bearings and new parts!

Taken apart:

Bits and pieces painted with epoxy

Putting everything back together with new parts

Add a aluminium shifter knob. Shifter feel is now solid.

Ive got a SW20 short shifter kit somewhere, I just need to take everything apart again 😀

Other Matrix Garage stuff and the exhaust

Some parts from Matrix garage. Gearbox cable end bearings top left, shifter base stuff and the side bearing for the shifter. Also, two rear tie rods, they look awesome.

With this sceptre I shall rule my garage!

The exhaust tip. I was informed that the tip was 100mm dia, but I think it is more likely 90mm. No biggie. Its still huge 😀

This is how it looks. Bendy bit, catalytic converter, silencer and the tip. Ballsy noise expected.

New pistons from Matrix Garage

As the title says 🙂 Also, I got two Cometic MLS headgasket to choose from.

The box assistant was with me at the unboxing. Weirdly enough, her food comes in a box that is similar in size to this box. Wonder if she was actually looking for food? I know she has good memory.

One of the pistons. Designed by Yoshi at Matrix Garage, manufactured by Traum Pistons. These are MG’s shelf pistons, 81.5 oversize and with stock 1.2mm headgasket CR should be 10.5:1.

I’m going to use a 0.76mm headgasket. CR should be somewhere around 10.9:1 with that.

Some deburring is still needed. I’m going to get the same coatings on these pistons what I got for the previous ones.