Replacement for the broken boost pressure recirculation valve

Broken one removed

Here is the replacement: Go Fast Bits DVX T9654. Replacement was easy and the full metal body and pressure fitting felt sturdy.

I was explaining what had happened to a friend of mine, who misheard the name and thought I said “Go Fast Bitch” – he said to me bit later that this is the most ballsy company name he has heard in a while.

Parts from coating

Got some parts back from coating!

Cylinder head has some white crud all over it. No idea what it is and how to get it off.

Valves and everything (I mean everything, even the plugs) were coated in heat resistant stuff. Outside, cylinder head got a coat of stuff that helps heat to radiate away from it.

This is a Ferrari F360 flywheel if I remember correctly. Widric found it from our stash. 🙂

Pistons got three different coatings on them. Top of the piston was coated with heat resistant, skirts with friction stuff and the underside with that same stuff as cylinder head that will radiate heat away.

Some bits are now sandblasted and powdercoated. I will have to find some nice paint(s) to do the letters.

Not pictured here are the new camshafts, all the bearings and the block. Camshafts and bearings got a coat of that friction reducing stuff, while the cylinders were rubber with tungsten powder to… well.. reduce friction 🙂

I will get my exhaust manifold and turbo coated as well.