Replacement for the broken boost pressure recirculation valve

Broken one removed

Here is the replacement: Go Fast Bits DVX T9654. Replacement was easy and the full metal body and pressure fitting felt sturdy.

I was explaining what had happened to a friend of mine, who misheard the name and thought I said “Go Fast Bitch” – he said to me bit later that this is the most ballsy company name he has heard in a while.

Buttloads of stuff

Lots of stuff coming in!

The cutest package from Thailand:

Cute box contained connectors for Toyota coil on plugs. Most likely fake as fuck but hopefully they work enough.

Pistons, again.

Arp hardware – studs and bolts. No cat this time.

Engine management unit from MaxxECU, with long loom, lambda sensor and stickers!

The turbo – BorgWarner EFR 6258. Hardware kit needed.

Toyota coil on plugs (dirty and used) – look how the last one is bit short and stubby compared to the rest of the coils. The last one is from Yaris and the long and skinny ones are from Lexus. Funny thing is that I ordered four Yaris ones but got three Lexus coils and one Yaris.

Not going to complain, because the Lexus coils seem to fit pretty well into 4A head. ­čÖé

Lexus coil part number – 90919-02246