Swapping the speedo

Totally forgot this thing. I had a euro style speedo sitting on my shelf for a long time and when I finally did the swap, I forgot to make an update.

Tearing the gauge cluster off the dash

I’ve been thinking that I should build my own backlight system for the gauges. At least there is plenty of space behind the gauge faces.

Think these wires were in specific order and I took a picture of the order, but what were they connected to…?

One of the connectors behind the SC cluster – again, why did I take this pic? ­čÖé

Total kilometers dont match

Little bit of power drill (its a misery to separate the wheels and setting the total kilometers manually)

Looks a bit better now – matching kilometers on both speedos

I had misplaced the speedo needle from the 240km/h one. Replaced it with the JDM one.

The gauge cluster clear cover is bit dusty. One thing I did was to block off the original ECT-S hole in the upper left corner. There should be a voltage gauge but I dont have one. Instead, now I have a ECT-S gauge and a economy gauge. Meh.