Subarus are badass

Something from the world of Widric:

Widric sometimes takes the license plates from his other Impreza to drive the non-registered one, like a criminal he is 😀 This time, we went to our local Burger King to have something to eat.

Coming back from the joint turned to exciting, as Widric put pedal to the metal exiting the roundabout next to BK. Road was wet, tires were bad, turbo kicked in and no locks were engaged.

Rear end started to slide. Widric lifted slightly and car snapped out of the slide pointing towards the ditch. We dove in but Widric kept his cool and turned steeringwheel to right direction. I saw a lot of mud and grass thrown around when the tires dug into dirt, just before we jumped back on road. I think the guy in the van behind us must have been impressed 😀

After some nervous laughs, we assessed the situation. I felt some vibration but guessed it was just some mud in wheels and Widric commented looking into mirror that we didnt leave the rear bumper in the ditch.

At the garage we inspected the damage. Mud and patches of grass everywhere. No damage, nothing at all, wheels didnt have anything on them and all body parts were there 😀

Didnt even bother washing the car

Widric later told me that we dug in deep when he drove past the incident point 🙂


Widric’s turbo

While pondering how we should approach Widric’s turbo installation, we sat down and grilled a bit. 4a block has found its place as shelving. If only the block could be chilled to +4°C, it could keep drinks cool 🙂

The new turbo is a Power Enterprise P1818, if I remember correctly. According to some unknown source, it should spool really quickly.

The turbo has different kind of inlets and outlets compared to stock one (stock one has this weird 90° bend in the turbine inlet, below the blue silicone hose replaces that)

Gott in himmel! Untenseewaffe!

(This kinda reminds me of that Subarute episode on MCM – whole turbine poking through bonnet) 😀

Widric has this rather cool HKS front mount kit, which will need slight modification. Hopefully the turbo works with the front mount.

Moar photos

Valve covers are off – camshafts look fairly good. MRP turbo manifold testing.


Testfitting the turbo manifold – reverse angle


There was a reason behind this pic but I’ve forgotten it


Half decent gaugepod, painted satin black and in proper place


Trying to figure out if I have stock camshafts


That 212 in the casting made me wonder – stock camshafts are 232° if I remember correctly, but then again, it could be 272 (TRD camshafts). Measuring the cam lobe finally told me that I was dealing with stock shafts. Woo-hoo.


Some engine bits in ultrasonic cleaning solution


One of the pistons looking good after washing it


Engine block going into machine shop


My turbo manifold and Beldins RS2871R GT2876R


Number one main bearing


Widric pondering if Beldins turbo would fit his Impreza