Pistons are in – part 2

While I was tightening conrod bolts, I found out that the bolt head was not 10mm.

Totally forgot that ARP does not come from metric world. Almost shat my pants when I felt the tool slip – luckily it was just the socket giving up.

Figured out pretty quickly that the bolt head must be 3/8″, which converts neatly to 9.5mm, and just to make sure that the size wasnt something really weird I also bought a 9mm socket.

Perfect fit – it was 3/8″. I cleaned everything twice and tightened the bolts to 40Nm per instructions from conrod manufacturer.

Heading towards this:

Meanwhile Widric had bought a disco ball.

Pistons are in

After quickly checking the shop manual that I wasnt forgetting anything (like those ring pins), I rummaged through Widrics stash for a piston ring compressor.

Quick check from the internet how the piston ring gaps should align and in they went.

All four went in nicely, no hiccups, very smooth movement and no obivious problems.

From below, bolts are in place but not yet torqued.

After getting back home, a cold surprise from Hokkaido!

New pistons from Matrix Garage

As the title says ­čÖé Also, I got two Cometic MLS headgasket to choose from.

The box assistant was with me at the unboxing. Weirdly enough, her food comes in a box that is similar in size to this box. Wonder if she was actually looking for food? I know she has good memory.

One of the pistons. Designed by Yoshi at Matrix Garage, manufactured by Traum Pistons. These are MG’s shelf pistons, 81.5 oversize and with stock 1.2mm headgasket CR should be 10.5:1.

I’m going to use a 0.76mm headgasket. CR should be somewhere around 10.9:1 with that.

Some deburring is still needed. I’m going to get the same coatings on these pistons what I got for the previous ones.