Toda Racing type FS for AW11

While I was gone (at some warm place in mediterranean), Maladar installed the suspension. He made it pretty clear, that he’d pick me up from airport. I was standing in freezing cold temp outside, when I noticed a pair of familiar lights. First, I started to wonder if the car was a bit lower. Or was it? Was I so tired that I had forgotten the ride height? Then I noticed, that my luggage didn’t fit in the trunk or frunk. The first bump almost took my breath away. It was that stiff. And yes, the car was about 10-15mm lower, so I wasn’t dreaming. My face against the luggage, I nearly wished for the old suspension. Pics from Maladar’s archive:

And the gallery:


New rims – SSR MS1R

I got (23rd September 2009) new rims for MR2!

Rims are SSR MS1R
R: 16 x 7 +13
F: 16 x 7 +26

Maladar testfitted the rims while I was gone.



Brake upgrade (front)

I’ll do a image gallery about my brake upgrade, when I have some spare time.

With Maladars help, I installed new brake disks + pads (Dixcel) and WedsSport brake lines (blue ones below) and fixed my front calipers with brake rebuild kit. Rear brakes are still waiting for similar treatment.


That’s me, wondering how to get the disc off.