Garage updates

The shelves are up! The garage is cleaned and it is rather nice place. Only my stock shocks stayed on the floor because I was way too tired to lift them on top of my part of the shelves.


Got the AW11 running again, after winter months. I tightened the battery ground cable and the car started on the first try.

20150408_180433 20150408_180520

Nothing really special here, the car runs without a hitch. 116601 kilometers on the odo.

The plugs looked great but there was this weird cream colored residue. Widrics four-doored GC8 on the background.


Wheel hardware

How do you clean these things???

I’ve been brushing them with smooth brass brush and the sealant just sticks and wont leave. I might have tried Widric’s ultrasonic cleaner too and*cough* might have ruined it. Emphasis on might. Used xylene and for a long time, I was happy. Fumes get you high 🙂

Idea of going through 120 bolts and nuts by hand is driving me mad.


Clutch and the clutch line

Realized some time back that I made a bunch of mistakes when I was building the clutch line.

I was reading about the different kind of pipe flaring tools, mostly differences between 37degrees and 45degrees flaring and found out that I should have used either double flare or bubble flare while building the clutch line.

Well, what can you say, this is learning.

I’m going to get back to the clutch piping when Im able. I need to get a decent tool for the pipes and some other stuff, but hope I’ll get it right this time. I should get it done bit faster now I have the experience 🙂