Meanwhile – bearings

Last time in the inspection I barely passed because the rear bearings were not doing that well.

So – what else – I waited to the last possible moment to do them 😀

I used two Febest DAC387433-36KITs, which should be compatible with the Toyota 90369-38019 and 90369-38003 bearings and 04422-32010 seal kit.

The seal kit looks bit weird. Dust deflector (43246-32011 equiv.) has a unusual notch in it and I dont know which way I should position it. You can see the notch in the picture below which I loaned from Febest catalog.

Edit: the notch is for speed sensor – I’ll try to figure out if i need to cover it.

Below: Already going somewhere here. Caliper hanging, balljoints loose and disc is gone.

Little bit heat and penetrating oil helped a lot. Drive shaft nuts werent that stuck, just made sure they were coming off easily.

Driver side is done.

Both sides ready to get their bearings replaced

Following two pictures are from Mr. Reynolds family album:

Below: Orange plastic support inside the new bearing.

Below: Some hydraulics were used and the old bearings removed. 

Meanwhile, I was cleaning the rest of the suspension:

Below: The knuckles with new bearings. Both of them have something written on them but I cant make out what. The clearer one looks like 12713.35 or /21/3.35…

Guessing it could be markings from previous bearing change, I looked from wikipedia how japanese write the dates in imperial calendar format.

Format is yy/mm/dd, but the numbers here dont make sense that way. The last two digits after the dot could be kilometers like 35万km (meaning 35000km)

Anyhow, I’m going to modify the brake shields so they can be removed without taking the whole bearing assembly off. 

While googling, found out following bearings should have the same size. Doublecheck and dont trust me.

  • PFI PW3874023633CS
  • FAG 713613040
  • FAG 713618020
  • Koyo DAC3874W-6CS84
  • Nachi 38BVV07-26G
  • NSK 38BWD01A
  • NSK 38BWD15A
  • NTN 2B-DE08A33CS38PX
  • SKF BAH-0041
  • SKF FW114
  • SNR GB35012
  • SNR R168.30
  • SNR R169.20
  • SNR R169.08
  • Timken 514002B
  • Toyota 90369-38003
  • Toyota 90369-38019

Crank and block part 2

I got some comments recently from bot, who suspected that the middle main cap deforming while ARP nuts were tightened could be the reason behind my seized crank.

The possibility of twisted or tweaked middle main cap didnt cross my mind. I had already gotten my block back from machine shop, when bot commented this thing, but I didnt have spare time to actually look my block until now.

I spent two hours carefully taking everything apart and examining the parts (once again). Block still had some cutting oil + metal particle residue from the honing and it probably was also mixed with that ARP moly stuff that was used on the threads. It took some time to get everything clean.

Below: I made a set of cylinder plugs from foam plastic to help with cleaning and installing parts.

Putting everything back together went well. Bearings and ARP studs went in smoothly and so did the crank (after cleaning it millionth time). When I got to the thrust bearings I eyeballed them with suspicion but they didnt reveal anything to me. Lower ones slid in easily and the upper ones went in with the main cap.

Last bits were the MRP girdle and ARP washers and nuts. I tightened the nuts in four steps starting from 20Nm and ending to 80Nm, stopping in between to rotate the crank and see if there were any problems. The crank rotated freely every time.

Below is my torque wrench. I bought this one just for this project to get the critical parts correctly torqued.

It started to seem that the honing did help and the middle cap wasnt causing any trouble. I grabbed the crank from the both ends and tried to shake it, but it felt like there wasnt any play. I went to get Widrics almost unused dial indicator and set it up.

Below: zeroed

Then I poked the crank with screwdriver like the Toyota manual says.

Result: seems that my crankshaft end play is 0.03mm. Toyota manual says that the minimum acceptable is 0.02mm 😀

Some thoughts:

I’ve introduced plenty of new parts to my engine block. I have new main bearings and new thrust bearings, both with extra moly coating on them. Also, a set of longer ARP studs (with washers and nuts) for the girdle and the girdle itself.

Every new part creates a huge number of unknowns and it is absolutely important to check that everything is where they should be. Mr. Manon probably disagrees with me, but even the girdle could have been the source for my problems, although it got complemented by the machinist doing the honing 😀

Just by fitting all the parts together I found out that the middle main cap was not the problem. I’m not entirely happy of this method, but it has to do now. I dont have the resources and possibilities of McLaren to build engines 😀

Edit: My preferred method for the problem would have been different. I prefer to measure things until I have numbers, results and hard evidence. Except putting things back together was more practical and efficient method… 😀

I didnt measure the bearings yet, so next time I’ll be messing with plastigage.

and _o/ to bot!

Toyota E51 gearbox info – bearings

Ok, in this post I will list some gearbox bearings and some info about them

These bearings are for the both ends of the diff. All of them are for 4A-GZE + E51 combo, but some were used in SW20 gearboxes.

Edit 1: Fixing some mistakes + noticed that all of these arent from 4A-GZE + E51

Edit 2: Of course, my info is not to be trusted. Always doublecheck.

Edit 3: (18th Sep 2018) I don’t sell bearings. The list here is to make connection between different manufacturers and Toyota part numbers.

Differential bearings:

  • 90368-44002
    • Used in 3SGE automatic
    • LH bearing
  • 90366-44001
    • Used in 3SGE automatic
    • RH bearing
    • NACHI 44KB721
    • Used between 86-89
    • ID 44mm, OD 72mm, WD 22mm
  • 90368-40016
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • LH bearing 4AGZE
    • Discontinued
  • 90368-40003
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • RH bearing 4AGZE
    • Discontinued
  • 90366-40064
    • Used in SW20 3SGE, probably S54 gearbox
    • NACHI 40KB681A1
    • ID 40mm, OD 68mm, WD 22mm
  • 90366-40023
    • Used in SW20 3SGE, 3SFE and 5SFE, probably S54 gearbox
    • RH bearing
  • 90366-40016
    • Used in SW20 3SGE, probably S54 gearbox
    • KOYO TRA080702
    • ID 40mm, OD 68mm, WD 22mm
  • 90366-50014
    • Used in 4AGZE and 3SGTE
    • LH bearing 4AGZE
    • KOYO TR100902D-2-N
    • ID 50mm, OD 90mm, WD 21mm
  • 90366-57006
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • RH bearing 4AGZE 86.8 – 87.2
  • 90366-57016
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • RH bearing 4AGZE 87.3 – 89.11
  • 90368-40002
    • Used in  SW20 3SGE, probably S54 gearbox
    • KOYO 57390AN
    • ID 40mm, OD 68mm, WD 22mm
  • 90366-57001
    • Used in 3SGTE, maybe in 4AGZE too.
    • RH bearing
    • KOYO ST5791
    • ID 57mm, OD 91mm, WD 20mm
    • NACHI 57KC911
    • ID 57mm, OD 91mm, WD ??mm
    • PFI PST5791
    • ID 57mm, OD 91mm, WD 20mm

Output shaft front bearing:

  • 90365-33003
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in both 4AGZE and 4AGE
    • KOYO KNU070618
    • KOYO RNU070618
    • (Difference?)
  • 90366-32002
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • NACHI 32KB742

Output shaft rear bearing:

  • 90366-28002
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • NACHI 28KC692
    • ID 28mm, OD 69mm, WD 21.3mm
    • PFI P28KC692
  • 90366-28007
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in 3SGTE, but is also listed for 4AGZE. Size difference, possible error?
    • NACHI 28KC695
    • ID 28mm, OD 69mm, WD 25mm

Input shaft front bearing:

  • 90365-25021
    • Used between 84.6-89.11
    • Used in 4AGE + C5x
    • KOYO RNU050415A
    • ID 25mm, OD 43.5mm, WD 15mm
  • 90365-30023
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in 4AGZE and 3SGTE
    • NACHI 30RJ5852
    • ID 38mm, OD 58mm, WD 20mm

Input shaft rear bearing:

  • 90363-25027
    • Used between 84.6-89.11
    • Used in 4AGE?
    • KOYO DG2568-HNSH2-C3
    • ID 25mm, OD 68mm, WD 19mm
  • 90363-33005
    • Used between 86.8-89.11
    • Used in 4AGZE
    • NSK 33TM01NXC3
    • SKF 6307VSP33
    • PFI P33TM01NXC3
    • ID 33mm, OD 80mm, WD 19mm
  • 90363-33007
    • Used in 3SGTE, might work in 4AGZE (upgrade?)
    • NSK 33TM01U40AX
    • ID 33mm, OD 80mm, WD 19mm