Changing Toda gears into oil pump

This is where we start. One oil pump with small gearset, a.k.a. late model oil pump. Stock gears are marked with dots, I dont know why.

Remove stock gears and wash everything with care.

Insert Toda gears.

Lubricate freely. I used Red Line installation goop.

After this I checked the gear cover still fits and added a drop of Permatex thread locker into screw threads. The thread locker I used is good up to +150C.

Torque to 10Nm. All done 🙂

Piston rings + crank girdle

Checking pistons and rings:

Gap on fourth cylinder is 0.35mm.

Pistons seem to fit into block. That is a good thing.

A package from Manon Racing Products arrived, containing Toda timing belt and oil pump gears, N2 style additional timing belt tensioner (or guide) and a crank girdle.

Timing belt tensioner. Fitment is very good.

And the crank girdle. A serious piece of hardware. I needed only some stiffening but now the engine will be bombproof.

Veeery nice 🙂

Oil pump for the project

One genuine late model oil pump with seals! gaskets!

One of the weird things I’ve found: There are two different oil pumps.

Early models have 78mm diameter pump gear with a crescent shaped piece in the middle. Later models are using 74mm pump gears. Obiviously, AW11 has the early model, which is not compatible with the stronger Toda gearset.

I’m definetly going to run this new engine to the max, all the way to 12000 rpm so mod is much needed. 😀



Here is the original pump, with the crescent shaped piece between gears:


Shocks reference

I’m going to do a reference chart of the height differences between Toda, stock and the third possibility. Measures are bit rough (maybe millimeter here, millimeter there) but the idea is to get ballpark measures for the shocks.

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Edit 4.10.2017 sadly this is never getting done